Polar plots.
polar(r,theta, plotspec)
polar(r1,theta1, plotspec1, r2, theta2, plotspec2,...)
r A vector of r-coordinates of the curve to be drawn.
theta A vector of theta -coordinates of the curve to be drawn.
{r1, theta1, r2, theta2,..} Pairs of vectors of R-theta coordinates of the curves to be drawn.
plotspec Plot style specification string.
{plotspec1, plotspec2,..} Plot style specification strings.

polar(r,theta) draws the polar plot of the input.

polar(r,theta, plotspec) draws the polar plot of the input according to the specifications in the string plotspec , the rules for constructing which may be found in plot.

Multiple curves may be drawn by specifying each curve by either the pair r, theta or the triple r, theta, plotspec for each curve in succession.
>>title("Polar Plot")