3-D Line plot.
plot3(x, y, z)
plot3(x, y, z, pspec)
plot3(x, y, z, pspec, x1, y1, z1, pspec1....)
x The vector of x-cordinates of the curve to be plotted.
y The vector of y-cordinates of the curve to be plotted.
z The vector of z-cordinates of the curve to be plotted.
pspec The string containing the specifications of line style and the color.
{x1, y1, z1, psec1} The vector of x- , y- , and z- coordinates of the second curve to be plotted, with pspec1 being the specifications for line style and color for the second plot.

Any number of triples x, y, z together with the option specification pspec may be specified for multiple curves.

The plot-specification string pspec should be defined according to the description in the function plot.
>>title('Three D Curve')