Create a Java object that implements the specified Java interface using the given Mathnium function or functions.
(object)=createInterface(functions, interface)
functions A function (for an interface with only one method) or an array of name-function pairs. The name in each pair should be the name of a method in the interface, and the function should be the function that corresponds to the method.
interface A Java interface in the current class path.
object A java object that implements the interface using the given functions.

For an interface with a single method, the first input may just be a function object.

If a method of a Java object requires an interface as an input, using a Mathnium function object as the input creates the requisite interface transparently if such a construction is possible and no explicit call to createInterface is required.
>>import java.awt.event.*
>>function action(e);end
>>import javax.swing.*
>>b=new JButton("OK");
>>// No explicit call to 'createInterface' is needed here.