A System for Numerical Computing, Data Analysis, and Graphics

Mathnium is a program for interactive numerical computations. With its comprehensive library of functions for a variety of problems in applied mathematics, and with its facilities for the definition and manipulation of arrays of numbers as basic data objects, Mathnium allows you to solve numerical problems rather painlessly and without a great deal of programming effort.

You can also extend the capabilities of Mathnium by using it as a programming language. While it is not a general purpose language, its facilities are more than sufficient for you to be able to implement your algorithms in a manner which is not only extremely concise but also very close to the mathematical description of the algorithms.

Mathnium is written in Java, and it provides convenient language constructs that enable you to use existing Java classes without additional programming. As a result, very large number of existing libraries of Java classes, most of them available from open source projects, can be very easily used within the Mathnium environment.

Mathnium is inspired by Matlab, a very successful and versatile language for scientific computing. Although it should be possible to execute within the Mathnium environment a Matlab program that does not use any functions that are not in the Mathnium library, no attempt has been made (or is planned) to make Mathnium completely compatibile with Matlab.

The current version of Mathnium, Community Edition 1.053, released on 11/30/08, is distributed as a freeware. If you are interested in technical support or solution of specific problems using Mathnium please contact us at admin at

Getting Started

You need Java SE 1.5 or later to run Mathnium.

  1. Download and unzip it into a directory of your choice. This will create a subdirectory named mathnium within the directory where the zip file is unzipped.
  2. With mathnium as the working directory, run the batch file mathn.bat in MS Windows.
  3. In other other systems that support the unix shell sh, run the file